About the Campus

Get to know the Chengdu campus

With over 385,261 square meters occupying the High Tech Zone West Park and six buildings, Intel Chengdu is home to two factories that manufacture chipsets and microprocessors for computers all over the world.

Intel in alignment with the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government’s initiative to increase investments in Sichuan through the “Go West program,” built its second factory in China in Chengdu. Intel Chengdu opened its doors in December 2005 with its chipset factory, known as the Chengdu Chipset Operations or CDCO.

A year later, Intel Chengdu celebrated another milestone: the completion of its microprocessor factory, the Chengdu Microprocessor Operations or CDMO, increasing Intel’s investment in Chengdu to 525 million dollars. Intel’s former President and CEO Paul Otellini cut the ribbon together with leaders from the local government.